Aria Reid: The protagonist. She and her mother just recently moved into her grandfather’s creepy old house, which she isn’t happy about.


Melody Rococo: Aria’s best friend and classmate. She is very smart, but also rather shy, and often worries about what others think of her. She gets a bit jealous of Lyria’s flirtations and starts to notice her own feelings towards Aria.


Lyria: A demon who spent the past 50 years trapped in a stone. She is eccentric, flirtatious and somewhat of a mystery. The human world intrigues her and she can often act childishly. She rarely hesitates in terms of romance, or voicing her dislike of things.


Scherza: Current Queen of the demon realm. She has a very icy personality and a dislike for humans.


Sid: Sid is a small Wyvern and Lyria’s familiar. He takes a quick liking to Melody, who is a stark contrast to his master’s brainless and hasty nature.

Ms. Reid: A hardworking single schoolteacher.

Silas Reid: Aria’s grandfather who died several years ago. He practiced magic and was the one who trapped Lyria in a stone.