Starlight Vega Demo 1.0 and Commercial news

Alas! The Starlight Vega demo is here!

Click on the ‘Demo’ section in the top bar for DL links!

The game contains mild sensuality and is currently with only sound effects, but plans are in the works to raise money for a professional soundtrack, interface, as well as a programmer for more complicated design choices that did not make it into the alpha demo.

Commercial news:

The game has evolved so far beyond the original draft in terms of content, story, and visual style. I’ve worked hard in trying to make an exciting and interesting cast, as well as the majority of the artwork. But that still leaves the very important music and coding… which can make or break the game. In order to maintain that level of quality, it means hiring people who specialize in what they do.

After a lot of time contemplating about my past and current financial predicament, and with encouragement from my developer friends, it’s with regret that my game will now have to become commercial. After spending so much of my own time working on the game assets and using my own limited money for commissions, I found it necessary to make this change as a result. I want to maintain this level of quality to the game, and additional funding would help it drastically.

Making Starlight Vega commercial will also up the games overall quality further, and allow for me to make more games in the future, as well.

With that in mind, the price for the full game has been set to $9.99.

My sincerest apologies to those that may not be able to afford the game, or who are disappointed by this change, but I sincerely hope to have your continual support.

If you had any questions, concerns, or issues:

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