“Starlight Vega” is a visual novel, or interactive fiction game, with GirlxGirl romances.

You play as Aria, a girl who moves into her grandfather’s old house. While exploring the upstairs study one night, she and her friend Melody accidentally unleash a flirtatious demon named Lyria, who spent the past 50 years in a stone.


After freeing her from her prison, the two become attached by a ‘Lifelink Stone’, which means Lyria can’t go far from Aria without feeling repercussions, and vice versa. This gets quite awkward when Aria tries to go about (what’s left of) her normal life.

The game is available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Different endings and romance routes are obtainable through your choices made throughout the game.


  • 3 Yuri romance routes (including harem!)
  • Many Potential endings based off your choices
  • Professional Soundtrack
  • Full color CGs
  • A multitude of expressions and poses for each sprite
  • DRM freeForest