Big update and Q1 2016 Release

Here’s a big update with various news!

I can safely say the majority of the assets and writing is now done, and the game is close to complete. While I’m hesitant to give a direct date, Q1 2016 is the new expected delivery date.

The game has been progressing consistently over the past months. A lot of story changes were made to account for Scherza’s route and the harem route in later parts. It took a lot longer than I expected time-wise, but I think all and all the game has become even better because of it.

Currently I’m on track to having the full build done by mid-December. After that it will be a matter of polish and testing the games various branching routes and endings, building up to its final release date.

The quality and polish has also grown since adding skilled work from talented individuals. Above are some of the newest backgrounds for the game.

And the game interface that I’ve been meaning to update the site screenshots with:


I hope to meet your expectations (and then some) as game release becomes closer.

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