No release for March 22nd

Unfortunately, Starlight Vega will not meet the planned March 22nd release date. I deeply apologize to all who are disappointed by this news. I will keep everyone posted on the new release date when it is decided on. I’m sorry again, everyone.

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  1. Well i’m disappointed not going to lie, but that was me being too excited counting down the days. Hopefully whatever the problem was is a small one and the game will be back to coming out soon again.

  2. Oh noes!!! I was so ready to play in the big weekend coming. T_T
    Hopefuly the date will not be that far away.
    But it’s worth the wait, surely the game will be awesome!
    Fighto! Fighto! FIghto!!

  3. …Out of curiousity? What happened?
    Some of the art / parts of the game didn’t make it to deadline, or maybe bugs that showed up in testing?

    🙂 Looking forward to launch

  4. Hope that everything is all right. I’m really eager to play this game!!
    I played the demo again… and now I’m even more hyped. >o<

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