Patreon for funding visual novels

I have started a Patreon today for further funding my art and visual novels. I’m offering some behind-the-scenes stuff, hi-res artwork, and bonus files (like processes, line-art, etc) in some of the reward tiers. I also have a sneak peak of my next game after SV, if you’d like to take a look:


For those who have not heard of Patreon or used it before; Patreon is a safe way for you to support indie creators. You can donate small amounts on a monthly basis in exchange for monthly rewards. As the Patreon support grows milestone goals will become unlocked, kinda like they are on Kickstarter. The big plus of Patreon is you’re not locked in to anything – you can choose to cancel whenever.

(I’m still thinking on milestone goals to include. Maybe hi-res backgrounds as the bonus files? …Dakimakura hi-res files? Well, hopefully, those will be decided on by the end of the day. )

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