New! Starlight Vega Demo 1.2!

demoHiya everyone!

Very happy to announce that the new demo for Starlight Vega is now available for download! It features the fully updated game interface, a custom soundtrack, and other additional improvements to the in-game scenes.

You can find the download links and more info here:


Play as Aria and romance the two sultry demon girls, Lyria and Scherza, or your best friend Melody in this multi-route yuri (girlxgirl)  visual novel. This newest version also includes Scherza’s first appearance in the game as a love interest since the Kickstarter stretch goal was reached.

If you haven’t played the demo already, it’s of the first few in-game days and is a great introduction to the story and characters.

screenshot0015 screenshot0018 screenshot0012

More info can be found in the story section of the site!

Additional news:

I still do not have an exact release date yet, but I am aiming for late February/Early March.  Thanks to the help of my new co-writer, things have been coming together swiftly. The current build is in the alpha stages, with just a bit more work before rigorous beta-testing can begin.


I’m going to have a post about the physical game merchandise shortly here! Very exciting!







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